Body Shape : The Chicken and Egg Scenario

Body Shape : The Chicken and Egg Scenario

If I was given a pound each time a potential client said to me :

I would love to have a consultation re my shape and clothes, but before I do I need to lose some weight

My answer to them always the same – you don’t need to lose the weight first, as any information I give you about your shape will be the same now as it will be if you lose up to 2 stone in weight because your basic body shape does not change.

Carrying more weight around may mean you have a few less options but wearing the best clothes for your body shape will make you look a dress size smaller and really can, and does, give you that confidence boost to be able to address your weight.

Body Shape : The Chicken and Egg Scenario

  • Look good in clothes – feel confident and so more empowered to lose weight or
  • Lose weight – feel confident – and so can look good in clothes.

I know that people do feel very desperate to lose weight and that being heavier than you want to be can take a toll on your self esteem.

Having a nursing background I know how bad some diets out there can be and how in the end just more weight piles on and the confidence takes another kick, which is why over the years I have taken an interest in what is available, but have never recommended anything, other than healthy based eating habits.

To address any bad habits, diet, drinking or buying the same old style of clothing – we need not just the breaking of those habits but you have to replace that bad habit with something else.

Jeremy Dean, author of ‘Making Habits, Breaking Habits’ states :

Think of the bad habit like a river that’s been flowing a course for a long time – you can’t just dam it because the water will rise up and break through – you have to encourage it to take a different course.

After 8 years of styling people, I have found something that I can recommend to others!

I have been introduced to Aloe Vera Gel, which I now personally take as well as giving it to my children and husband.

As we speak I am using their nutritional cleansing programme, Clean 9, which is an easy-to-follow 9 day programme that’s giving me a cleaner healthier happier me, whilst apparently cleansing the body of unnatural chemicals.

If you’d like to try it too, give me a call or contact me here for more details and place your order.

It could be exactly what you need to kick-start you’re weight loss plan!

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