Diva Clients Say…

“Hi there. It’s going really well. You’d be proud, I went shopping with 2 things in mind, didn’t find them & so came home empty handed!” From Emmaa lady who shopped and shopped and shopped for the wrong things all the time!

“How are you doing? How are the exercises? Found myself in “normal” shops on Friday!! Bought nothing but had a good look!” From another Emmawho is a personal trainer and used to only shop in sports shops!

“Sally has shown me how to transform myself. This was an amazing experience and anyone who wears clothes and cares about how they look should contact her for a consultation. Thank you so much.” Dawn Robertson

“Prior to meeting Sally I was always strongly drawn to certain colours and clothes styles but talked myself out of the purchase and into ‘safer’ purchases! Working with Sally was truly a fun, uplifting and inspiring experience. Not only did Sally give me a greater understanding of my body/face shape, colours and the clothes styles that suit me she also instilled self belief and confidence in me, armed with this increased knowledge, to trust my intuition which was good. Now I understand why I am drawn to these colours and styles

I have since embraced purchasing these more intuitive clothes and have subsequently felt amazing in them and received compliments as to how fabulous I look. I have since begun giving the contents of my wardrobe an overhaul with pieces to enhance and accessories existing clothes and look forward to embracing new outfits too! I wholeheartedly recommend Sally to anyone wishing to understand and learn more about how to create an image that reflects their figure, features, personality to achieve maximum impact and feel fabulous in the process.

Thanks for a great experience Sally and for the continued guidance and support offered prior to my photo & video shoot where I featured as a ‘Confidence and Self Esteem Expert’ – you certainly boosted both in me ahead of the shoot!” October 29, 2011. Tracey Wall

“Sally has delivered workshops for me, inspiring clients (who are all budding entrepreneurs) with re-newed confidence, self-believe and new knowledge about presentation and choosing the right clothes and accessories. I highly recommend Sally and I will be booking her again soon!” Sue Stacey

“I would like to thank you so much for your inspiring presentation last night. We all agreed how useful your tips are and I am sure many of us will be putting them into practice soon. (I think I have forgotten half of them mind).

There is obviously a lot more to learn, so I may well be in touch about coming to a workshop sometime soon.” Val Christmas Womens Talk Group

Cheshire Stylist Sally Inkster
Thanks for sharing your
Diva Dressing success in style.

Sal x

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