Happy Birthday Diva Dressing

Happy Birthday Diva Dressing

Diva dressing is 10 years old!  OMG that is scary.


Where did it go – what did I do?

What have I learnt in the last 10 years ?

Well, that goes without saying really – quite a lot!


  • That looking stylish and feeling great is the same as its always been


  • Fashion comes and goes, some we can wear, some we can’t, some we have to work at,


  • There is no quicker  boost to our self confidence/esteem than when we put an outfit together, put it on and feel great, walk out of the house and not think about it for the rest of the day except when someone says “you look great” accept the compliment and move on


  • That things can change in a very short time when someone teaches you how and gives you the tools to be able to do it yourself


  • We shouldn’t compare ourselves to others, its our body, our shape and we have what we have – make the most of it


  • Loving clothes and fashion is not ‘An age thing” anyone at any age can enter into the fun!


  • Looking good isn’t just about clothes, its about exercise, health, diet and general wellbeing



Diva Dressing being 10 years old also means I’m 10 years older, and that’s even more scary. I’m still learning how to be the best me and guess that’s never ending!


My body is 10 years older and not the same as it was, my  choice of clothing is still the same, but doesn’t look the same ,so I’ve had to adapt over the years ( sound familiar? ).


With age, my attitude to food, diet, health and exercise has changed because my body needs different things


The ethos of DD is still the same as mine; to ‘look and feel fabulous, with the minimum of effort and the maximum reward’ – what a challenge and I do think its getting harder but every challenge is an opportunity to learn, grow and adapt and also, I think, accept.


So what and how do I do it or try to do it?

Over the next few weeks i’m going to write on here what I do do now,  what’s worked and what hasn’t!

Some of the ideas/tips may resonate with you, others, I’m sure won’t, but that’s ok, we’re all different and all on different paths.


SO HAPPY BIRTHDAY DIVA DRESSING – here’s to the next 10 years!














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