Top 10 Items for Your Autumn Winter Wardrobe

Top 10 Items for Your Autumn Winter Wardrobe

Quick Fashion Tips to help you think about what will work for you this Autumn and Winter.

  1. Big cardigans/jumpers over pencil skirts, a really good look if you’re heavier on the bottom half
  2. Animal print and animal motifs
  3. Peplum
  4. Tweed
  5. Tartan
  6. Lace – search your mothers/grandmothers wardrobe
  7. Leather – just as trims, leather trousers is still hard to pull off
  8. Fur – real or faux
  9. Geometic prints
  10. Tailoring – think Audrey Hepburn

As you can see, there are plenty of styles that you can choose from.

Be as creative with your fashion style
as you feel this season.

Mix it up and look fabulous this season.

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