Travelling Light in the City

Travelling Light in the City

I recently went off to London with my 17 year old daughter. She laughed as she glanced over at my wheelie bag, then across at my body handbag!

All she had taken with her was her backpack style handbag, which she takes to school everyday to carry her purse and a couple of other things. She carries her folders in her arms (this should give you an indication of its size).

How is it she asked, that you need so much for one night?

I’m travelling light in the City! I explained.

I had a knitted black dress and a pashmina scarf, a pair of high heeled boots, my war paint and a bag of toiletries (as we were staying in a travelodge, and they don’t supply shampoo etc).

It probably didn’t even enter her head that she would need stuff like that, as mum would supply as usual.

So back to my wardrobe for one night away.

To travel in : I wore black jeans, black t-shirt with a short grey cardigan over, topped with a red tartan jacket. A pair of black shoe boots finished off my travel outfit.

For the evening : We were going to the theatre, so I’d had a plan – I would stay as I was and if we ran out of time I could just throw on the pashmina scarf, but if I did have time to change, I did, then the black dress would come into its own, wrapped in my pashmina and finished off with my high heeled boots.

The next day we went off shopping, so couldn’t wear jeans (comfortable shopping tip – as they are too much effort to take on and off), so the black dress went on again with the shoe boots and red jacket, which also looked fine for the afternoon trip to a medical appointment with aforementioned daughter.

Some light shopping saw us through to the late train home.

So what did my daughter take in her handbag?

She wore :

  • a pair of leggings
  • a hoody
  • t-shirt
  • a denim jacket
  • medium heels

She took :

  • a pair of leggings
  • a pair of knickers
  • a t-shirt
  • make-up
  • phone & phone charger
  • toothbrush

Do you travel light?

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P.S. I forgot to mention that said daughter forgot her pj’s, and as she was sharing a bed with mother, pj’s were a must. Of course, first stop was to purchase pj’s that were carried in mums wheelie bag – Kids!


  1. Hello loved this article as just back from London and had the same issues as yourself. One of my friends travel like your daughter but I like to take a choice of outfits. I just now need to work out my capsule wardrobe!

    Thanks for posting this I feel much better now :-)

    Elizabeth xx

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